We Bring Some Wholesome Cat Posts To Brighten Up Your Day


I strongly believe that the most efficient way of turning an excellent day into a purrfect one is to spend quality time with your adorable kitty cat. I mean no offense to the doggo lovers reading this – trust me, I love them just much. But cats are pretty darn awesome.
Nevertheless, cut your worries lose if you do not happen to be in the company of a cat because we have put together something just for you guys. Our list will ensure that you are in the company of some of the cutest cattos out there!
Scroll through our list to instantly brighten up your day with these wholesome kitty pics. Do not forget to share these with your friends and family!




A cat is, by birth, photogenic. Regardless of whether it is stretching or just sitting in a box – it’s a sight you never tire of. Basically, cats can’t take a bad picture. Their wide range of expressions from pooping in the litter box to nibbling on a recently caught mouse, their expressions are just right up there! Some cattos have a serious grumpy look, while others keep tickling our funny bone with their playful quirks. It is no surprise the internet is flooded everyday with hilarious posts and brags about being a cat pawrent.



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In the USA, far more households have puppers. Close to 70 million dogs live in the US as against 70 million cats. However, the global cat population varies significantly on account of the millions of cats that roam free. They have absolutely zero desire to stick around and participate in a survey. It is quite noteworthy that as per estimates, some 220 to 600 million kitties currently live on our planet.




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