We Bring You Pics Of Long Felines That Appear To Stretch Endlessly


These pics are not panaromas, they are the real deal. An average catto’s length is close to 46cm or 18 in from head the body with around a 30cm or 12in long tail. These are the proportions in which we are used to see felines. All the cats that we usually look at around us as pets, or otherwise, seem to fit these sizes more or less.

However, there are several cat breeds that are way off these figures which makes them look like mini lions. For instance, picture in your head a Maine Coon cat. A majestic Maine Coon currently holds the record for being the world’s longest cat. The catto is named Stewie. As per The Guinness World Records Stewie is 123cm or 48.5in long starting from his nose to the tip of the tail.

We have put together a few pics of the world’s longest cats alive today, and they appear to stretch endlessly.  Scroll to take a look at these extremely long felines. Also, don’t forget to share with your friends and family!

#1 This guy plays Tetris

#2 Apparently a reptile has ended up in the bathtub this morning

#3 The cat of Salvador Dali!

#4 The only reason I visit my mother-in-law is to admire as her cat sits on the post judging the neighbors

#5 Celebrating Yoga Day

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#6 A sight to behold with a sunset sploot, cross paws and a fancy tail!

#7 Tiny, the sunbathing cat as she melts on the porch

#8 I had ordered something much less adorable

#9 Just a really looooong cat

#10 Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the chillest of them?

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