Weatherman Went Viral After His Cat Joined The Broadcast While Working From Home


Work from home comes with its own perks, like spending more time with your pet – who might be unable to handle the excitement while you’re working. This is what happened with Chief Meteorologist at WFIE-TV Jeff Lynos. Even though most of us are staying at home, it’s helpful to know the forecasts. So, the weather forecasters continue to work from home. However, Lynos invited widespread attention not because of his weather forecast, but because he allowed his cat, Betty, to be a part of the broadcasts.



Jeff Lynos has set up his new studio in his dining room to adhere to the social distancing norms. During one weathercast, Betty was under the dining room table. The director asked to see Betty so Jeff held her up for the camera. Lynos says that since he only had a final 30-second weather to do, he kept Betty in his arms just to have some fun. But little did he know, the entire world is going to watch this!



After Betty’s initial debut in the beginning of April, more and more viewers are starting to watch Lynos’ broadcasts. Lynos has viewers from Europe and Australia as well, so it’s certain that it’s not the weather forecast is not what the viewers are interested in.

To honor Betty, the weatherman decided on giving her a designated lower third graphic that reads “Betty the weather cat”.


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Upon asking if Betty is adopted, Lynos responded that it is her who Lynos’ family. Betty had showed up at Lynos’ windowsill some 11 year back. Lynos’ daughter, aged 10, insisted on keeping her. Lynos grew up with cats himself, so it didn’t take much effort before he was sold on the idea – plus, “I’m a softie!” said Lynos.

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