Weekend Enhancing Cat Memes


You made it through yet another week. WE, made it through another week. The much awaited Caturday has arrived and what better way to celebrate it then by basking in the glory of these amazing cat memes making rounds of the internet. Take a seat on your most comfortable sofa with a cold beet because these cat memes are here to cure all kinds of boredom.

You might also want to clear out the next 15 hours to take a nap because all the laughter inducing memes are going to tire you out without a shadow of doubt.

Scroll through these memes and share the laughter ride with your friends and family!






Most Watched - Video of the Day









Cats are incredible creatures. They are intelligent, funny, cunning. Grumpy – but we couldn’t go a day without them. With surprises that they bring for us every day, they make our life much more adventurous. The joy of having a feline companion is one that everybody must experience once. Half the popular twitter and Instagram users would not have become famous had it not been for their cats. People all over the world flood the internet with cat pics every day and the saga does not seem to end. This evidences the popularity of our little fluffballs and it is here to stay.









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