What Cats Think About Their Hoomans And How They Care About Them


If you think that your cats don’t think about you enough, then here’s all that you need to know. Cats have been thinking about you a lot. It seems that they are even worried about their hoomans.

Here is what cats think about their hoomans and how much they care for their hoomans. After reading this, you will get to know what your cats have been thinking about you all this while. It is totally hilarious.


This is why cats end up sleeping on your heads instead of snuggling next to you. They always have good intentions behind everything they do.


Cats don’t understand why we need to cover our body. They think clothes are little blankets that we use to cover our body. The felines have such adorable thoughts.


Cats think that their hoomans don’t know how to use their tongues. They think that they are letting it all go to waste. Sorry cats but we can’t use our tongues like you do.


This is why cat hoomans have got cat fur all over the place. They have to make their presence felt everywhere. Cats won’t let you forget even for a moment that they are a part of your family.


Cats don’t understand why humans don’t have fur like they do. It is really odd to them.

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Cats think that humans don’t care about their hygiene. This is why they have to lick their face every morning. When humans become irresponsible, cats take things in their own hands.


Cats also think that by licking their hoomans every morning, they can teach them how to make the right use of tongue. Maybe the humans don’t know how to use it properly.


Cats find it really odd that the humans don’t lick themselves. How do humans keep themselves clean is a big mystery for cats and they have been trying to solve it for ages. Maybe this is why they sneak into the bathrooms. They need to see what humans are doing behind closed doors.

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