10+ Texts Your Cat Would Totally Send You If They Could Text


We talk to our cats all the time. But have you ever imagined what they would say to you. Will they give you better advice? Here’s what will happen if your cat started texting you.

#1 Your cats understand way more than you think. So the next time you are talking to your cat, think twice before you speak.

#2 Cats love to play hide and seek with you all the time, especially when it comes to hiding their dead prey.

#3 Your cat will hold a grudge against you furrever. They never forget what you did to them.

#4 Not leaving you alone ever is their furrever goal.

#5 Your cat loves to play little pranks with you all the time. They also crack you up with their little jokes.

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#6 Being over dramatic is their specialty. You can never get over their hilarious dramas. Keeping you entertained!

#7 Cats don’t take insult, even if it’s coming from their hooman. They are also cynical and think that the world revolves around them.

#8 You are always responsible for everything that goes wrong around your cat. You got the cat in your home. So deal with it now.

#9 When you try to tell your cat what to do and what not to do, this is how they will react.

#10 When you get a cat, leave all the important decisions of your life up to them. Even if you don’t, they will take charge on their own.

#11 Cats like to get in trouble and they will need your help sometimes. Would you help them if you knew what was going on in their mind?

#12 Your cat will blame you for everything wrong in your life.

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