What Would Happen If Cats Used Snapchat?


Have you ever wondered what would happen if our cats were tech savvy? Would they click a million pictures and use snapchat just like us? As creative as they are, cats would definitely make a better use of technology than us. We have a compilation of some cat snapchats. Look and decide for yourself if you would let your cat use snapchat our not.

#1 “That’s what girls do, don’t they? I thought I should also follow the trend.”

#2 Cats don’t lie and they don’t need to. Why? Because they are adorable puff balls that look purrfect at all times.

#3 When your cat is upset that you locked him up in a room while your friends came home. You got to throw another party for your cat.

#4 When you catch your cats by surprise and they act like nothing happened.

#5 This cat knows how to take the best pictures and make all her friends jealous.

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#6 When you accidentally click a picture and it turns out to be good. “See, how talented I am!”

#7 This cat got no chills. “I am training my hooman to click good pictures. I will soon send in my profile. Everyone should see how talented I am.”

#8 That purrball who wants everyone’s attention at all times.

#9 How many likes for this kitty?

#10 When cats befriend sheeps, they are supposed to carry them around on their back.

#11 Your cat will be waiting for you to return so that she can complain about how she got to sleep the entire day. Maybe break a few pots and dishes as well.

#12 Unicorns are the second best. The best one is sitting on top of one.

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