“While, Hi” Says This Kitty In A Southern Accent – And People Can’t Get Enough Of It


A life with a feline companion is filled to the brim with surprises. One moment their hoomans are enslaved, the next they are swimming in a pool of affection and purrs. However, this 8-year-old kitty who goes by Gambino Bambino has found a new way to amaze its owner!

The owner was just going about a regular feline lover routine making a video of what seemed to be natural feline behavior. But suddenly, Gambino runs across the room and takes shelter in a corner. The human obviously was intrigued and followed the cat. After a few seconds, the hooman caught up to the kitty. The fluffball looked at the hooman and somehow meowed “Well, Hi” in a Southern accent. And then went on about grooming herself.

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Take a look at this video shot by the proud owner



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This intriguing clip was posted on TikTok where it garnered close to 1.4 million likes and 10.4K comments, as people continued to speculate over what the kitty’s next phrase will be. “How you doin’?,” perhaps?




People poured in responses amused by the clip and reminisced about instances when their cats also uttered a word or two.

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