15 Funny Cat Snaps That Are Trending This Week (New Pics)


Cats are a source of all time comedy. Add snapchat to it and you will get the best combination out of it. We have a collection of hilarious cat snapchats that will make you fall out of your chair laughing. Brace yourselves!

#1 Cats have a better sense of fashion than any other animal on the planet.

#2 Only cats are allowed to do stupid and adorable stuff. “Who gave you the right to use that word? Only I can do that!”

#3 That’s one look of caution you should never ignore.

#4 When getting trapped in empty vases is your life’s only goal.

#5 “Just caught my cat, couldn’t stop laughing at his reaction.”

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#6 When adopting a black cat, you need to take extra precaution. There are a lot of places your cat may choose to sleep.

#7 When your cat is too bored and decides to help you.

#8 That one quiet place you run to relax. “My only escape from all the chaos my hooman creates.”

#9 Another training session for the cats.

#10 “I sit even if I don’t fit. Keep your hand steady and stop clicking pictures. You look stupid.”

#11 Sometimes, cat hoomans may the one won’t let their cats sleep. “Get up, I am bored.”

#12 “Nobody should touch my crown. I finally got the title I deserve.”

#13 Never leave unattended weapons and food when your cat is around. A lot can go wrong.

#14 “My hooman makes fun of me and finds it cute. She has no idea about all the plans I have made to kill her.”

#15 “No dogs in the house. I made only one rule. You couldn’t even follow that.”

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