Why You Should Let Your Cat Sleep With You


Being around cats in itself is a huge stress buster. The adorable purrballs not only brighten your day, but they are also your constant companions. Most hoomans let their cats sleep in their bed. Should you let these furballs sleep with you?

Well, we would say definitely. Studies have shown that letting your cat sleep with you has a lot of positive effects. Read to know more!

#1 Sense of Security

Cats are natural predators and always have a thousand ideas in their minds how to hunt down their prey. Even though you may think that these sneaky creatures are not afraid of anything, they feel vulnerable at times. Cats feel most vulnerable when they sleep. Just like humans, these furballs also need someone to support them during these times.

Cats don’t sleep anywhere. They choose their own special spots. So if they choose to sleep in your bed, never stop them. These indicates that you are worthy of their trust and compassion.

#2 Everything that belongs to you is your cat’s too!

Sharing something special with your cat is precious. You can do a million things to win your cat’s heard, but it may not trust you still. But when they own you, they own everything you own as well.

Your felines love to share your bed. It’s their way of marking territory. You should be glad that they are being possessive about you.

#3 Your felines love to follow you.

In this busy schedule, it’s difficult to make time for pets. It’s only the night time when we are completely free and so are our furballs. Your cats wait patiently for your attention the entire day. So letting them sleep in your bed will make them feel loved and pampered.

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