Wife Documents How A Cat Stole Her Husband Using Adorable Pics


We all have heard that felines are smart beings who can achieve anything and everything that they want. One kitty stole a woman’s husband using his pawsome personality.

A couple from Thailand shared a series of pictures depicting how their gorgeous kitty is possessive of Nasrin Hami’s husband. The couple is viral on the internet now.

The pictures posted by Nasrin was noticed by the Facebook page of Super Cats. Since then, the pictures went viral and have received thousands of likes.

The Scottish Fold cat Jarvis is totally adorable and after seeing his pictures, you will totally agree.

Nasrin revealed that Jarvis is not fond of human food and prefers cat food instead. Surprisingly, the kitty doesn’t have a likin for fish also.

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Nasrin said,

Jarvis he always loving and affectionate with my husband and he acts the same way with me and is friendly with everyone who visits our home.

Half of the internet thinks that Jarvis is female, but his hooman confirmed that it is not so. This year on 23 April, the kitty celebrated his sixth birthday. He has been living with his hoomans for a long time now.

Jarvis loves to snuggle next to Nasrin’s husband and sticks around him. The kitty ensures that everyone knows how possessive he is.

Usually, Scottish Fold cats are amazing domestic cats. They get along very easily and get attached to their hoomans also. Jarvis is very playful and a lovely cat.

Jarvis has full control over Nasrin’s husband since the very first day. Even though Nasrin gets jealous at times, she can’t help but adore the two of them. Well, how can anyone resist such a cute pair.

Cats are good at everything they do and controlling their hooman is no big deal for them. They can do it with snap of fingers. Jarvis and Nasrin’s husband make a good pair together, even if Nasrin is jealous of the cat. Well, nothing can be done about it now.

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