Woman Almost Accidentally Kills Her Cat After It Plays With Flowers, Warns Others About Its Danger


Warnock Willow was spending some leisure time with lilies in her office. At first, she was only concerned about the stains of pollen on the front of the body.

On 28th of May, Warnock observed as her cat Willow played with the lilies in her office. Warnock quickly shooed her away, worried about the pollen stains that will end up on her body. But she did a quick Google search and found out that Willow could have died!

Lilies are severely harmful for cats. Even if the pollens are cleaned from their fur, it may result in critical illness for your little fuzzy companion.

Worried about Willow’s life, Warnock promptly brought the cat into the shower to wash off the pollen. Next, she rushed Willow to the Blue Pearl Emergency and Specialty Hospital in Georgia, US.

Vet4Pets suggests that signs of toxicity from lilies may occur within 2 hours of ingestion. The initial symptoms could include gastrointestinal signs such as vomiting, drooling, and loss of appetite. After eating lily, cats quickly become depressed and lethargic and look severely unwell.

In several cases, vomiting may subside in a couple of hours but other symptoms may last longer. Within 72 hours, the affected cat could develop acute kidney failure.

Among other symptoms, cats with lily toxins may urinate more at first, have a changed level of thirst, abdominal pain, seizures, and weakness. The cat may stop urinating altogether if it experiences extremely severe acute kidney failure.

Cats often need hospitalization, monitoring, and care for several days to recover and contain long-term effects on kidney function and cleanse the body of lily toxins.

However, even prompt veterinary attention does not guarantee the survival of a cat with lily poisoning. The prognosis for cats seen over 18 hours after the initial ingestion is quite poor. But even with early veterinary care and aggressive treatment, there are chances that the cat may not survive, and if it does it will accompany permanent kidney damage.

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