Woman Pours Water Over 10 Year Old Kid After He Does The Same To Her Cat, Sparking Debate


We all agree that cats can create a lot of mess and maybe the reason for a lot of broken stuff in your home. But you don’t mess with a cat if it is sitting peacefully. Even though the furry creature may be sitting and planning his next adventurous move, you have no reason to disturb them. It is minding its own business, you mind yours.

Kids these days are no less stubborn than cats. Just like the felines, children also do as they like and they won’t listen even once.

One kid could not digest the fact that a cat was sitting ideal amusing himself. So he threw a cup of water on the cat. Furious at witnessing this incident, the cat’s owner threw a basin of water on the kid from her window. Interesting, isn’t it? When was the last time that you took revenge on your cat’s behalf?

Shannon, the cat’s hooman, tweeted about this incident and it has sparked an interesting debate on Twitter.

The tweet has over 628,000 likes already with 4,000 comments and 78,000 retweets.

The kid’s dad was more furious with Shannon than his own kid. But some parents know what’s good for their kids.

Some felt that Shannon should have taken a bigger step.

What would have you done as the kid’s parent?

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Was Shannon wrong in her approach? Should she have taken the matter to the kid’s dad instead?

It seems that many out there know that it would be difficult for a 10 year old kid to act in a civilised manner. Kids are tend to do some mischief at this age.

And then some people just took it to a whole new level.

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