Woman Hilariously Documents Her Attempt To Take Care Of The Pregnant Cat Who Wouldn’t Stop Visiting Her


An animal-love from Austin, Texas – a woman by the name Erin Breean was constantly visited by a kitty. She and her partner Landon decide to take the kitty, that she named Kevin, to the vet to see if he’s chipped. But little did they know, the cat was carrying some baggage, literally.

Kevin first started visiting Erin and Landon around Mid-March. At first, they say she visited only seldom. But soon the visits became daily. As Erin describes, catching her was also a challenge! It took plenty of treats and food, but she came around.

She was also quite skittish during the first couple of days. She would ask for belly rubs and follow Erin and Landon around the house, though. As they describe, she was a challenge!

As she began to trust us, our first task was a vet visit. This is where we were taken aback by not one, but two surprises!

Firstly, the cat was not a male, but a female. Secondly, the vet determined that the cat is pregnant! Erin, animal-lover as she was, decided to take in the little furrball and help her through the pregnancy. We can’t thank Erin enough, because she just happens to have documented the entire thing. The diary is an absolute charm. We bring you some wholesome pictures from the diary. Rejoice, and share the wholesomeness with friends and family!

#1 Regular visitor, of favorite kind!

#2 Come, play with me; but no touching!

#3 This just in


#5 Hooman, pick it up. It stinks!

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#6 Heyo, what’s it like being a dog?

#7 Ain’t nobody like me

#8 Cannot catch a break!

#9 Did I just produce these?!

#10 Look at those tiny fingers, KMN!!!

#12 Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr

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