Women Asks Her Partner To Sleep In A Separate Room So She Could Cuddle With A Cat


Cat lovers can hardly think of anything else when it comes to pampering and spoiling their four-legged friends with all their attention and lots of treats. But when it comes to sleeping arrangements, there are two sets of cat hoomans.

On one hand, there are people who love to sleep and cuddle with their cats. And then are the ones who never let their pets into their beds. Holly Brockwell is a thirty-two-year-old tech writer who loves cuddling with her cat Mwari while she sleeps at night. However, her partner Zack Fox is completely different. He is not at all allowing little furball into their bed.

Well, the only thing that can favor both of them is sleeping separately. Yes, even though the couple stays together, they sleep in separate rooms. Holly said that initially the two of them decided on the bedroom cat ban rule.

However, she couldn’t stop herself when she met the adorable kitten. Eventually, the couple decided that Holly would sleep with the kitten until she grows up and becomes less clingy. Eighteen month later, nothing has changed yet. In fact, this has proved to be a positive impact on Holly and Zack’s relationship.

Holly is a night owl and works from home and Zack is a morning person. After watching TV while cuddling on the couch, Zach sleeps early. Holly then retreats to her bedroom with the cat and gets to work until she is sleepy.

Mwari, their kitten, sleeps just above Holly’s cat with her protective paw on her head. The couple also has a rescue cat named Moose. Moose is comfortable sleeping on the couch.

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