Zelda The Funny Cat’s Posts Have Taken Over Twitter


We adore cats. Even more so when they have that cute goofy expression going on their face. A recently emerged phenomenon is Curious Zelda, the cat. The reason behind the name is twofold: her perpetually surprised face, as well as the owner’s witty posts on their twitter handle accompanied by videos and pictures of the furrball.

We have collected some of the best tweets of Curious Zelda to help make your week all warm and fuzzy. Scroll down and take a look at these pics to brighten up your day and don’t forget to share the wholesomeness with your friends and family!






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If you know someone who could benefit from these warm pics, why not share Curios Zelda’s Tweets and let her work her magic?

Zelda has amazing facial expressions and puzzling behavior. She finds pretty much everything interesting in our very little space. Zelda’s owner shares that she was always keen on doing something creative, but never realized it would be cat poetry.






The owner went on to reveal that taking Zelda’s pics is not a piece of cake. She moves around constantly. Her pictures library is 99 percent Zelda and she has no regrets.








The owner estimates Zelda’s age to be about 8 or 9 years. She is not aware of an exact age because the rescue shelter was not able to tell her this. The owner, sharing about Zelda’s food preferences, tells us that she eats pretty much everything and would regularly visit the food bin to steal stuff. We never find any bugs around the house but she eats all of them, she’s also an awesome housefly catcher.

She likes stalking us around the house. She has learnt how to play hide and seek and also to catch a ping pong ball.

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